Weekly Photo Challenge

Shadows in the Sunrise

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Goodbye Oklahoma Summer 2012

grasshopper on a sunflower stem

A cocky grasshopper bids goodbye to a long, hot, steamy Oklahoma Summer!

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Love is a Four Letter Word!

So, you think you are in love? Really….think again and again and again! I wish Love were like clothes that you could try on to make sure they fit or if you even look good in them. That would save so many heartaches. However, for most of us, Love is just a craving that will never truely be satisfied here on earth….Love turns into hate so rapidly like how a peaceful beautiful ocean turns into a violent destructive devil and then it is all over…..and before you know it, you have forgotton all about the violence, the destruction, the hate. Then what do you go and do?  You think you are in Love again….What a fool! I think I will make a list of four letter words and make it my mission to stay the hell away from them (thank goodness chocolate is not a four letter word). You know, those cravings will go away if you just wait them out long enough.  

My Four Letter Word List:


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Galveston, Texas Sunrise

This was taken at Sunrise over the Ocean  in Galveston, Texas this past August. If you don’t believe in God, take a close look at this picture because there is a cross highlighted by the sun. I assure you it wasn’t there when we took the picture.

I’ll Fly Away ……….Someday!

After a long, hardworking, stressful Oklahoma work day, I pull this picture out, close my eyes and imagine that I am the seagull, welcoming the sun with an early morning flight. Embracing the salty, shimmering, rhythmic waves……and just fly away!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

A Handful of Happiness

A Handful of Happiness
Galveston, Texas Sunrise. Summer 2012

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CHICAGO TEACHERS RULE! Teachers are People Too!

Go Chicago TEACHERS!!!! 

To all of you out there that are making rude, hateful, uneducated, unresearched and just plain stupid remarks about why the Chicago teachers are on strike, I DARE YOU to continue to read my post.

I am a teacher as well; however, I live in Oklahoma or else I would be right there with those teachers. Not just for money as many people are saying. I make less than 40,000 a year and I spend my own money on my classroom so my students can have things that they need. However, I barely make it through each month, but that is not the only problem. Our class sizes are too big. Your children are not getting the education they should be getting because we are too busy babysitting instead of teaching. Do you think you could teach 28-30 students in a small room, some with behavior problems, some with special needs that cannot get those needs met because of the behavior students, and then I have to be the school nurse as well. Not to mention, I have to find time to make lesson plans and get resources ready, grade papers, record grades, clean my room, call parents, attend professional development, create newsletters, and so much more, as well as be a parent to my own children.

Now, on top of that, every 5 minutes, we have to prepare your children for some type of testing instead of teaching them according to their specific needs. Furthermore, a new teacher evaluation system wants to grade me on whether my students pass national testing…even though students come to me reading on a 2nd grade level and I am a 5th grade teacher. I have to find a way to make your child get to a 5th grade level in less than 9 months with all the interuptions and missed school days. Now, that is not fair to your child or me! Your child should not be in the 5th grade reading on a 2nd grade level. Class sizes, poverty, job losses, and lack of money all around are mitigating factors and someone has to stand up for your children as well as for teachers.

Therefore, instead of griping about how bad the teachers are for striking to make education get the money and respect and fairness it deserves, get involved and fight for your children as we, teachers, have been doing for a very long time. Otherwise, you better find a second or third job, because if the Republicans have their way, only the wealthly will be educated and the rest of us will be on our own. To me that is unacceptable. Every child has the right to an education and to better themselves…….Parents..use your power…you don’t know it but you have all the power! There are more of us that are middle class or poor than there are wealthy, we just have to stand together.

Teachers are people too!

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Always the Bad One

I am sick and tired of trying to make everyone happy! No matter what I do or how hard I work, it is never enough, always the bad one! Well, things are about to change. All my adult life, I am sure some of my childhood, I have done for others. Not to say that I haven’t been selfish at times, but I know in my heart that I have put others above myself… my 1st husband, my kids, my 2nd husband, his kids, and again my kids and you know what I get in return? I get to be the bad one…….Well, if I am the bad one anyway….why not enjoy it!

Since no one else really reads this anyway, but just in case, a piece of advice……NEVER marry a man who has children. You will never be happy because you will always be the bad one! One more piece of advice….Marriage is not what you think it to be, so just don’t do it!

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Obama Must Win Again!

Dear World,

I am a teacher with three children, two in college (paid for by loans), one in high school, and I live month to month, still paying on my school loans, thanking God, of course, that I can make it through the month. However, I am tired of it….I am tired of watching the wealthy get wealthier while I cannot afford to go to the doctor and I have insurance. ENOUGH!

Obama is trying to make a difference,  open your eyes! The Republicans fought him on everything! Obama tried to work with the Republicans…….How can you forget? Think about it. As a teacher, I am constantly trying to get my students to work together, which means compromise must be made for the good of all involved. However, our own government staged a protest against our President because the Republicans did not get what they wanted, a Republican President. Really?!? Stop listening to propoganda and research for yourself, that is what I tell my students. Research and form your own opinion, stop following the group of  people, following another group of people, who are about to be led off a cliff.

I think that President Obama is true..he is real..and that is why the Republicans hate him so much. He tells it like it is! I never thought I would live to see the day that I would be witness to an honest politician, but the man is TRUE!

Let’s get President Obama re-elected and then work on Congress. No matter what political party you belong to, when you are elected, you have to consider what is best for the people, not what is best for your political party…..and that is exactly what has been going on in Congress.

Obama Must Win Again!


Frogfriend and Obama believer…….The Man is TRUE!

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I Did It!

I finally created my first Blog! I am learning as I am creating….or visa versa….But I made it here. Now I have my own space in the vast internet world. A place where I can just be me, not a mom, wife, teacher…..just me..no expectations..no evaluations..I love it!

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